Yoga is Solidarity: Dissolving Blockades Through Yoga

Join us for an International Yoga Conference February 7-13, 2019


International Yoga Conference invites you to stand against the blockade in peace!

We have practiced yoga in many different places on this beautiful island… in parks, on roadsides (as above), in museums, clinics, beaches. Now Feb. 7-13, 2019, we invite you to stand in tree pose with our Cuban yoga friends and international yogis in solidarity with Cubans against the inhumane embargo that affects every aspect of Cuban life and ever more so with the current directions of the Trump administration. 

For over 20 years, we have been working consistently on dissolving the "blockades" in our hearts and our lives and nourishing an exchange that is supportive to a global yoga commitment to peace. There have been many well known teachers who have been part of this story and who are being invited now to participate in this event, which will be organized by Malia Everette and her company Altruvistas.  Malia was the main on site coordinator of a pivotal event in 1999 called Lifting the Embargo on Our Hearts that was brought into being by the International Association of Black Yoga Teachers.   

Yoga Va2 - a group of new yoga teachers who are completing their 675 hour training under the directorship of Jorge Avila and with an international faculty - are creating an amazing program of classes in both Spanish and English with key teachers in this special story. Sessions will include issues of yoga and.....diversity, solidarity, climate and ecology, the arts, health and well being, ayurveda.  There will be a full cultural program for US visitors who can only legally be in Cuba with a full educational program.  However the emphasis will be on yoga, celebration and practicing asana in iconic parts of Habana.

Most of the teachers who have been part of this particular yoga story in Cuba, and that we have contacted in Spain, Costa Rica, US, Argentina, are super excited to participate and bring some of their colleagues and students with them.  This will also be an opportunity for visitors to hear and be part of the Cuban yoga world in general and our Yoga Va story in particular. 

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$2375 double occupancy 4-star hotels; $660 single supplement
$1990 double occupancy casas particulares; $240 single supplement

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