by teaching a class or asking your studio to have a donation-based class on that day (6/21) or during that week.  You could also - if you have visited Cuba - hold an educational event with friends/family/community.  What better way to celebrate yoga internationally than supporting yoga in areas of the world where studios, materials, trainings, books are less available?  

We invite participating teachers/presenters to share information about Yoga Va Latino and will ensure they are equipped with suggested guidelines and resources, including a short video and recent photos of current projects, if desired.  

We ask that teachers/presenters send the funds raised by check (made out to Yoga Va Latino) to our treasurer, Mary Anne Sedey at  Yoga Va Latino,  2711 Clifton Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63104.  Those interested in making a tax deductible contribution should make checks payable to our fiscal agent, Global Exchange, with Yoga Va Latino in the memo and send to Mary Anne at the same address.   

See our Article section for more information and also read this 2017 information newsletter for international visitors.  A short video (22 mins) was created in 2008 and gives you some great visuals and a little of our background story.  

For more information and/or to get your event posted here with any other information you want to share, contact Danielle at   

Thank you to the following offering events and classes during the week of June 21, 2018. More information will be available soon as to time and place:


Richard Rosen, U and the Mat, Oakland

Carmen Aguirre, San Francisco

Danielle Foster, Sacramento

Mary Paffard, Boonville, California

Kathleen Bell, Berkeley  |  Saturday, June 23, 2-4p, Sports Basement,  2727 Milvia St, Berkeley, CA (All levels)

Patty Hirota-Cohen - Chinatown, Oakland


Christina Bernunzio, Portland


Dennise Gackstetter, Utah


Gina Ord-Kline, Yakima


Edgar Ortiz, San Jose


Mark Singleton, Galicia


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¡Yoga Va! 

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