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Carmen Aguirre, a yogi, dancer, and one of our Yoga Va Latino volunteers, recently visited Habana and collected some testimonials from teachers there. We are so grateful to these teachers for sharing their perspectives on yoga and what Yoga Va Latino (YVL) brings to them.

VLADIMIR:  Yoga for me is calm, it is peace. YVL has brought in teachers to Cuba that have given me the opportunity to always be learning something different. It allows me to always be adding something to my practice. I appreciate that every teacher that come here brings their own vision and all of the training brought by YVL has brought value here. 

MAVLIA: The practice of yoga is the practice of giving. The teachers of YVL have given us their blessed gift of inspiration such that the practice and training here can be committed in humble service to those who are a in need of the gift of yoga. YVL gives teachers in Cuba tools to pass along to the those most humble in our community, allowing us to reach out and offer an opportunity to explore a new road into spiritual consciousness. 

 MARITZA: Yoga is life balance. It is self-knowing and self-discovery. I love when YVL is able to sponsor teachers coming from other places because every person and every practice is offered to and shared with us. It's beautiful to get to know how every person feels and interprets the practice of yoga. YVL is creating a huge opportunity in Cuba, connecting yoga with people that need it, like people that are suffering from health problems. YVL is a force is creating the birth of yoga in Cuba.

LIES:  Practicing yoga is self connection an introspection. Yoga Va is huge because it means the exchange of teachers and students who offer their knowledge and practice of yoga to each other, which as a result helps us all grow as students and teachers. YVL is what is helping Cuba grow increasingly closer to the global community of yoga.

MARIELA: For me, yoga means both change and refuge. It cradles you and protects you from all of the pains of daily life. It provides inspiration to continue to move forward. YVL is cherished by the teachers in Cuba because it has given us the opportunity to learn from so many other teachers, something we lacked as very few teachers had come here before the work of YVL. The work Mary has done has really opened the world of yoga here in Cuba. The most important ethic of yoga is that everyone should have access to it. I would love to see all Cubans be exposed to it because it helps people become better human beings, physically and spiritually. 

TAMARA:  When I practice yoga I feel happiness; awake and alive! We here in Cuba have the deepest gratitude to the teachers from YVL who have travelled here to teach us. And it is our deepest promise to our teachers that we will transmit the gifts that we have received from our teachers to the people in our community, to the people of Cuba as well as to other visitors to Cuba. That we will share this practice so that Cubans and visitors can receive the gift of internal change. This is our promise in exchange for what we have received. 

MICHEL: Yoga is expansion. What I have received from YVL from the teachers is what they have experienced in the world. And what I receive from my teachers from VYL - that expansion - is what what I share with my community: a wonderful nutrition that is about constant renewal. Without VYL, yoga has not had renewal in Cuba. Our practice requires renewal through YVL to stay alive. It's like anything creative, it requires a constant interchange. 

KAREN: From yoga, I experience focus and self connection. And this connection has expanded and developed under the guidance of the work of YVL, which for me is a real-life dream. Before I began my practice under the teaching of YVL teachers, I was always missing something. It's through their training that I have learned to grow strong and be able to forge forward.

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